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The Benefits of Dog Kennel Training

Dog kennel training is controversial in some circles. There are some people who believe that putting a dog in a

kennel is type of punishment that no dog should have to endure. What many of these people may not realize is that

most dogs need a safe a secure place to call there own. So instead of the closet corner, the bottom dresser drawer

or a laundry basket full of clean clothes why not give them a place that is specifically theirs. As long as a dog

kennel is used properly your dog will suffer little harm.

The first thing to understand is that when dog kennel training is to never use the kennel as a place you put your

dog as a punishment if he has done something wrong. It may be tempting to do but you do not want your dog to become

afraid of their kennel. It is also important not to leave your dog in a kennel for more then four hours at a time.

Dogs, much like humans who work in a cube farm, need to get out in the fresh air, run around and take a potty break.

Dogs will also begin to get anxious after about four hours cooped up in a kennel which will have the opposite affect

of what you want to accomplish. The key to successfully kennel training your dog is doing it correctly.

There are many reasons to kennel train a dog. It is important to identify which behavior you are going to be kennel

training your dog for. Does he need to be potty trained or is he chewing up things he shouldn't be? Once you the

problem is known you can tailor the kennel training to fit your needs.

The idea is to make the kennel as homey as possible for your four legged friend. Make sure there is a warm

comfortable pad or blanket to lay on and keep food and most importantly water available. You dogs kennel should be a

place that he can go and feel safe and comfortable, this will make the training go much easier.

Let's look at two areas where dog kennel training works well; chewing and house-breaking.

You should keep chew toys available in your dogs kennel and no where else. If you catch him chewing something he

shouldn't reprimand him firmly but do not yell at him. Show him his chew toy and put him in his kennel.

House-breaking can take a little more work, but using a kennel is a good way to break your dog of his house messing

habits. If he claims his kennel as his refuge he will be like most all other dogs in that he won't go to the

bathroom where he sleeps. When he is in his kennel keep an eye on him and when he starts to get restless let him out

and take him outside to do his business. Praise him once he is done and repeat this process. He will soon learn that

going to the bathroom is an outside activity.

Dog kennel training works well for stubborn or hard to train dogs. If used in the correct way it is a good way to

train you dog to be a well behaved family friend.

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