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Senior Dogs Benefit from In-Home Pet Sitters

Do you have to rely on friends or family when you travel or work long hours? Senior dogs often need special

attention. Routines are very important as your dog gets older. If you are working late, your dog won't understand

why they weren't let out or fed. If your schedule is less than routine, your older dog could become stressed and


Likewise, your travel can upset your senior canine. Putting an older dog in a kennel is stressful because it is not

their routine. Leaving at a family members home will work but ask the caregiver how well the dog really adjust to

your absence and their new surroundings. We did and found that our dog did not eat at all during the weekend we were

gone. Bringing a favorite blanket or toy when boarding might have worked well in the past but it does little to

relieve the stress of your older friend. It may be time to consider all the benefits that a professional pet sitter

with at home care can provide you and your dog.

Benefits for your dog

Reduced Stress - Keeping the daily routine as consistent as possible will help reduce the stress dogs normally

experiences when they know you are leaving. With a pet sitter your dog can eat, sleep, and exercise in the areas

that are the most familiar to him.

Prevent Illness - Health concerns are always a worry when you have to leave your dog with someone else. At home with

a pet sitter your pet is not exposed to other animals that may be ill or carriers of parasites.

Tender Loving Care - All dogs love individual attention. A pet sitter will provide this and more. Dogs can become

spoiled with all the personal attention and will attempt to keep this going when the owner's return.

Transportation - For senior dogs being crated up and moved to the relatives or a kennel can be traumatic. Since a

pet sitter either stays at your home or visits your dog periodically, this stress can be eliminated.

Benefits to your family

Security - A pet sitter can provide many benefits as a house sitter such as picking up the mail, watering the

plants, and turning lights on and off at various times.

Peace of Mind - A professional pet sitter cares about your senior dog when you can't. Your pet receives individual

attention, with walks and playtime so you can travel without worries.

Not just for vacations

A pet sitting service can be invaluable for the busy family with a senior dog even when you are not traveling.

Scheduled Walks - During the day senior dogs need a break. Many people can't get free from work so a pet sitter can

be arranged to get your dog out for his afternoon walk.

Appointments - Some pet sitters may provide a "doggie taxi" service to help keep your dog's appointment with the

groomer or Vet without you losing a day's pay.

Unexpected Events - What if you're injured or sick? A pet sitter can check on your dog or provide a daily walk until

you are back on your feet.

Check our nationwide directory at www.olddogpaws.com for a pet sitter in your area!

Copyright 2006 Dave Eckholm

Dave Eckholm is the owner and creator of http://www.olddogpaws.com, a site dedicated to the care and comfort of our

old friends. As our dog Tikki began to lose his eyesight and became grey around his muzzle, we were concerned for

his quality of life. As a senior dog, he started to have special needs. We searched for new ideas, resources and

products to enhance his life. Old Dog Paws shares this information, including a national pet sitter directory, with

all dog lovers so your friend can enjoy wonderful senior years too!

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