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Building Outdoor Dog Kennel

If you want things done, do it yourself. This cliché can go out to dog lovers. They love their canines so much that

dog kennels sold in pet stores are not good enough. Some dog-lovers opt to build their pets kennels themselves.

Maintaining a dog can be very expensive especially in your wallet. As a dog-owner, dog food cost is not the only

concern. You need to have money allotted for vet bills, salon and shelter.

An outdoor dog kennel can keep your canine healthy and happy. You do not have to share your living space with your

dog 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you do, this will only mean cleaning up after your pet's muddy


You will also have to constantly monitor your flooring and your carpets. Check whether they have already been chewed

on. If you and your dog keep on arguing because he keeps on messing up furniture that cost your fortune to get, just

go for the dog kennel.

Buying an outdoor dog kennel is expensive. Building your own is only half of getting one at the pet store.

But ask yourself this: do you have previous carpentry work? It may let you save but ask yourself whether what you

are building can benefit your dog in the first place. Will it be durable for him? Will he enjoy staying inside it?

Research on the building supplies you will need. Ask around for referrals. Go to people you trust the most. A

majority of the expenses from building an outdoor dog kennel yourself is the materials. You have to calculate - get

materials that are cheaper than what the over-all total would have been if you have purchased an outdoor dog kennel


Most of the kennels that are sold in the market are of standard size. If you have a smaller or larger dog (the

average dog being the basis), the size of your dog kennel can be a problem.

If you are building an outdoor dog kennel yourself, you have to make it large enough so your dog can comfortably lie

or turn around. However, make sure that it is not too large. Make the size enough for the dog to retain his body

heat and for self-insulation to take place.

Building your own outdoor dog kennel is relatively easy work, as long as you can say you are an experienced

carpenter. Most dog-owners who held hammers and nails before prefer to customize their outdoor dog kennel.

The kennel must be raised a couple of inches above the ground. This will stop the moisture from seeping through the

wood flooring. When you're shopping for plywood that you will be using, make sure that it is exterior grade and not

pressure treated,

Before you lock your dog up in an outdoor dog kennel, make sure that your pet does not have the habit of chewing -

especially wood. You're not sure what chemicals were used in order to treat the exterior grade that you bought. This

could cause harm to your canine.

Building outdoor dog kennels involve being concerned to the doghouse's size, the type of wood you would be using,

and the height that the kennel is lifted above the ground. When it comes to the basics of the building, you can do

whatever you prefer. You may even be inspired by your canine's personality, therefore giving him the best outdoor

dog kennel.

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