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What are Modular Dog Kennels and Are they Worth a Dime?

What Exactly Are Modular Dog Kennels?

Finding the right dog kennel solution starts with understanding your options.

One popular option among dog owners is purchasing a modular dog kennel.

Modular dog kennels are kennels that are pre-made to specific standards and almost always come in sections you have

to assemble.

Obvious advantages of the modular dog kennel are:

a) Outside and inside construction options.

Modular dog kennels can be set up inside or outside depending on the area you have available for set up.

b) Better materials.

Depending on where you buy from you have a wider range of materials to choose from.

Modular dog kennels are made from chain link, steel wire mesh, high gauge steel, to welded ornamental materials.

c) Stronger construction.

The more elaborate modular dog kennels are available with welded wire mesh and parts to increase strength and


d) You're not limited to one design.

You are able to adjust or modify the kennel panels to create different designs giving you more options on placement

and design.

While not available from every supplier of Modular dog kennels this option is gaining more popularity among dog


e) Affordable.

If you compare outdoor dog kennels or other options with modular dog kennels you will quickly find the option is

affordable for even the most cash strapped household.

In the end modular dog kennels give you and your dog a lot of flexibility when it comes to your pooches living

space. Whether you plan to set up an inside or outside kennel it will be hard to find a better option than a modular

dog kennel.

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