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Dog Kennels: Select The Right One For Peace Of Mind When You're Out Of Town

For most dog owners, choosing among the many dog kennels that are out there is one of the hardest tasks to do,

especially because you are already faced with the prospect of going away from home without your best pal.

No matter where you decide to leave your dog, no one will be able to take care of them like you can, so you want a

place that is as comfortable and as close to home as possible for your dog.

Remember that some dog kennels are going to be pricier than others, as some of the more expensive facilities

considered "dog boarding spas" will very much cater to your dog's individual needs. Not everyone can afford these

expensive facilities though.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you find an affordable dog boarding facility that is right for your


Requires Vaccinations...

Remember that your dog will be boarded alongside other pets, so it is best to find a facility that requires dogs to

be updated on vaccinations before kenneling. This is to protect your dogs as much as it is to protect the staff. The

two most important vaccinations are rabies and bordetella. The bordetella shot protects dogs from receiving "kennel

cough," a common cold that is passed from dogs who are boarded in close proximity.

Meets Your Dog's Needs...

Unfortunately there are some dog boarding kennels that are just overwhelmed with too many dogs and too little staff.

This means your dog will probably get the basic necessities like being let out to go to the bathroom on a minimal

basis and getting two meals a day. A good facility will make sure your dog receives necessary medications, special

foods for their diet, as well as adequate outdoor time. If you are going out of town and have a new puppy, you may

also want to consider finding a place like a puppy kennel that specifically takes care of puppies or at least a

facility that has adequate staff to watch over a potty training puppy.

A Clean Facility...

One of the most important factors you should look for is a clean facility. This means that the kennels are hosed

down on a regular basis to remove any urine or feces. As well, the facility is cleaned with disinfectants and the

animals are cleaned immediately in the case of an accident. When you stop by to check out the facility, if the

kennels and dogs there don't seem clean, trust your instincts.

Adequate Exercise Facilities...

Many experienced dog owners will tell you that the most frustrating experience with dog kennels is coming home to

find their dog bouncing off the walls. Although they will inevitably be excited to see you, this can also mean that

they didn't receive any exercise while you were gone. While it might be nice to board your pet at a veterinarian's

office because of the comforts of having a pet doctor nearby, many don't have any backyard space for exercising the


If your dog has medium to high level exercise needs, you should look for a place that has a fenced in play yard or

one that offers special services for extra prices, like a game of fetch twice a day or an extra walk for fifteen

minutes. Although dog kennels will never be home to your pet, they shouldn't be a traumatizing experience either.

Finding a place that treats your pet right will help you enjoy your time away from home.

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