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The Right House For Your Dog

Dog houses keep you dog warm and sheltered from the elements. You should choose a suitable one for him.

The doghouse should not be too small for your dog and should allow him ample space to stretch in especially when he

sleeps. The space should also allow him to move about freely. It should not also be too large for the dog, since big

spaces have a hard time retaining body heat needed for comfort and warmth especially during cold nights. The rule of

thumb for dog houses is that it should be large enough to allow the dog to stand, lie down comfortably or turn

around with ease.

Insulation for retaining body heat is also an important factor for dog houses. Padding the walls of dog houses work,

but make sure that they adhere properly to the walls for the dog might tear them apart in times of boredom! A

sleeping rug can also be provided, but make sure that it is washable and comfortable at the same time. Dogs

generally do not poop inside the dog houses but some of them do, so before bringing a dog inside the dog house, make

sure that he is properly trained first.

The sleeping quarter of a dog is his own private place in any home. He is protective of it and treats it as his

haven, his safe place and his own private quarter. Although some dogs generally welcome their human friends near

their doghouses, others are simply too defensive of their private quarters so you have to be careful when

approaching them while in it. So try pleasing your dog with his own dog house!

You can find out more about dog care here or you can share your opinions at the world's best homepage.

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