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Choosing a Good Dog Kennel

The winter holidays have arrived and you've booked you and the kids a family holiday abroad, but what about the

dog?! The neighbour surprisingly enough is leaving the same weekend you are, and your parents are out of town. You

obviously don't want to cancel the holiday but you can't leave the dog home alone! The next best thing is a home

away from home, a kennel! Kennels are lovely places to take dogs while you are out of town but you have to beware,

they are not all the perfect place for dogs. Some kennels don't have the appropriate circumstances and may make your

dog feel uncomfortable and unhappy which is something you want to avoid. There are several things to look out for

when choosing a kennel.

There are two certain kinds of kennels, there are "suites" and there are "runs". The suites basically explain

themselves. They are plush luxury kennels where the dogs are fed tip top food, perfect fur beds and a kennel the

size of your back yard! Where as runs are more like the homely type of kennel with a long run at the end of the

kennel giving the dog plenty room to exercise but the kennel itself isn't that large. Most kennels should however

have heating, even if they are inside ones!

You should first try to determine the lifestyle your dog has, if she is spoiled rotten then a suite kennel is the

only way to go, and vice versa. The most important thing about choosing a kennel is your inspection. Plan a surprise

visit when you know that they will be open that way you can see what its really like, meet the staff that would be

looking after your dog and have a look around the living quarters. They should all be heated and adequately lighted.

All the kennels should have a comfortable bed, a space for eating and a space for "littering" and still have plenty

space to walk about. And the most important part of choosing a kennel is making sure that it is clean!

Kennels are great for when you're going away but when you come back you may have another problem on your plate.

Kennel cough! This is a serious issue with a lot of kennels and the issue has been spreading. It is simply a cough

but a highly contagious and uncomfortable one for your dog. Kennels must ensure that all the dogs they accept have

had their recent boosters and jags so that there is very little chance of the dogs catching anything that may be

flying around!

You can easily find a good kennel if you look hard enough, one that will ensure your best friend is carefully and

well looked after. All that's left after that is for you to jump on the plane and enjoy your holiday!

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