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Tips On Vacationing With Your Dog

People who have pets often face the problem of what to do with their pet when leaving for a vacation. Dog kennels or

pet sitters are helpful if you are going out for a week or more, but if you are taking a short trip, you might

consider taking your dog with you. If you are prepared, a vacation together can be a lot of fun.

Before you leave, it is always advisable to take your to the vet and get him examined. If this is the first time you

are going out with your dog, the vet can give you some tips that will avoid problems and make your trip smooth.

Discuss your dog's recurrent ailments and get medicine for some common infections your dog might catch during the

vacation. Applying a flea and tick preventive can go a long way to save your dog from catching any infection on the


One of the things that you should do first is to call the hotel, to see if they allow pets on their premises. Some

places have may have restrictions, or they may not allow pets at all.

Pack your dog's daily food and make sure he eats what you normally feed him. You don't want a dog with an upset

stomach when you are vacationing. Vacation time usually means that your dog has greater physical activity than his

usual indoor routine. Offer him food and water at regular intervals.

New places tend to confuse dogs, and their inherent exploring nature may drag them away to unknown places. Keep your

dog on a leash at all times and make him walk with you.

Being outdoors means you have flexibility to play with your dog in open places. Bring dog toys with you. Form a

close circle when you play, so that the dog does not wander off too far. If you are going on a camping or a hiking

trip, check your dog's paws after your walks. Small shards of glass, sticks, or metal can cause injury to your dog.

Another important tip is to travel with your dog's veterinary records. Proof of identification is must, just in case

your dog runs off. With the addition of a microchip as an identification tool, it has become much more easier to

locate your dog if he is lost.

Being prepared will help you and your dog have an enjoyable time. And isn't that what vacations should be about?

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