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Dog Kennels

One of the best ways to keep your pet safe and secure is with a dog kennel. With a kennel, you do not have to secure

your dog with chains or keep him locked inside the house. Let your pet enjoy the outdoors in a confined space big

enough for him to move about. This way, you keep him from running free, potentially endangering himself or others.

A kennel also allows your dog to exercise a little. Unlike in a cage where all he can do is sit, your dog can walk

or even run about in a kennel. This space will condition and relax him. It also lets him familiarize himself with

his surroundings. So the next time you take him out for a walk, he should not be too excited by moving objects,

which may spur him to run after them.

Kinds of Kennels

Kennels are box-like shelters made of metal screens and posts. Some are made of bronze, aluminum or steel wires.

They are strong enough to withstand the pressure dogs may exert on them and stable enough so they will not topple


They are semi-permanent fixtures that you can put in your yard. Pet shops usually carry standard-sized kennels, but

you can also have one custom-made for your pet. While a custom-made one may cost you a little more, you can have a

unit more suitable to your dog's size and needs/

Kennels come in single, double, triple or quad varieties. Dog breeders opt to have several kennels made to

accommodate their stock. Although you may find multi-level units or kennels stacked on top of another, always choose

the one-level kind. It will be easier to clean and will prove more sanitary and hygienic for your dog.

In choosing the right kennel, consider the safety and the convenience features of the unit. There must be no exposed

wires that may injure your dog. It must be large enough for him to be able to walk about or even stand on its hind


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