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Building a Dog Kennel - Instructions and Tips

It's obvious if you have a dog, you probably care a great deal about them. You want them to have the best of

everything, including shelter. When considering whether or not you even want to take on the ask of building your own

dog kennel, you have to ask yourself if you possess the skills and knowledge to do so. Although building your own

dog kennel isn't a job for a rocket scientist, it does still involve some handy work.

Now that you have decided to take on the task, you must remember a few things. It's good to build a large-sized

kennel, even if your dog isn't very big, giving it lots of space to move around and be comfortable in. One thing to

remember when building your kennel is that pressure-treated timber is terrible to use on any parts your dog might

chew. It contains preservatives that may be poisonous or unhealthy for your dog's body.

Your dog kennel must be designed in accordance with the convenience and comfort of you and your pets at heart.

Considering these things will be crucial in dividing what materials and designs to use when building your dog

kennel. Also keeping the cleaning aspect of a dog kennel in mind, it will better prepare you for designing one that

will make it easier for you when it comes to sanitation. It's important to make decisions that will make things

easier for you and also safer for your pet.

Drainage is another important thing to take into consideration. You might want to build your kennel at an angle so

it slopes, making for easier drainage. This is one of the many benefits of creating your own kennel.

The dog kennel is placed on a concrete slab. You will place posts in concrete to support the rails. The posts and

rails create a frame that keeps up the chain link. Dig at least six inch holes in the ground to place the support

poles that will connect it all together.

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