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4 Tips for Choosing a Dog Kennel

Today more than ever it is important to provide our canine companions with a safe living environment regardless of

where we live. Many states and cities require dogs have proper housing both inside and out.

Neighborhood associations are jumping on this bandwagon and requiring that dog owners keep their dogs confined to

their yards using outdoor kennels that are surrounding by fences.

Whatever your thoughts on the subject providing a nice kennel set up for your dog is a great way to give them a

secure way to enjoy the outdoors or for keeping them out of trouble during the night in your home.

We have a lot to cover so lets jump right in shall we...

Tip #1: Location, Location, Location.

If you are planning to put the kennel outside you will require a different set up than if you want to set the kennel

up in doors.

Indoor kennels are bit smaller and are made of either wire, chain link, or plastic.

Outdoor kennels are usually larger and are made of chain link fencing. Either way you need to know where you want to

put the kennel before you decide on what kind of kennel you want to buy.

Tip #2: Size.

Kennels both indoor and outdoor should be big enough for the dog to move around in.

Outdoor kennels should offer plenty of room to move around in so the dog can move from one side to another easily

and have plenty of space for resting as well.

Indoor kennels will be a bit smaller but should still offer your dog plenty of room to move around in so they don't

have to lay in their own mess or if the water spills they won't get soaked to the bone.

The final size of your kennel depends on how much room you have and how big your dog is. Tip #3: What is the kennel

made of.

You will find dozens of different materials used in the creation of kennels but the more durable and tough the

material the better.

Indoor kennels made from plastic are easily destroyed by some dog breeds. Wire kennels offer more freedom of sight

and are stronger than their plastic counterparts but some dogs can still escape from them.

For indoors wire, chain link, and plastic are options but I would suggest you go with a wire or chain link indoor

kennel before you go plastic. However, if space is an issue the plastic kennels are an option.

For outdoors chain link is the most popular choice. You can get custom kennels made by some companies the prices for

those are quite a bit more than a regular chain link kennel.

Tip #4: Comfort.

If you are going to put up an outside kennel be sure to provide a roof or some cover from the elements.

Putting an igloo dog house with a flap over the front will give your dog a nice place to seek shelter in bad weather

and putting a top on the kennel will shield your pooch from the sun.

In the end, there is more to a dog kennel than some fencing and a dog. Put some thought into your set up to ensure

your dog has a secure, happy, home to live in.

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