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Selecting the Right Dog Kennel

Selecting the right dog kennel can be difficult, especially if it's something you've never purchased before. But

once you have a better understanding of the reasons why purchasing a dog kennel makes sense, it'll be easier to know

which type is right for your dog.

First of all, unlike what some people believe, putting a dog inside a dog kennel is not inhumane. The enclosed

environment actually offers many dogs a sense of comfort, especially if a kennel is used from a young age. Think of

it as the dog's home, the place where it can go to relax and unwind. Better yet, think of today's kennel as a modern

remake of the traditional doghouse, updated for the 21st century.

Second, a dog kennel is an invaluable training tool. When a dog is locked inside, it learns to control its bowel

movements. How? Dogs by nature don't like to relieve themselves in the same place where they sleep. Learning to

"hold it" until it's allowed out of the kennel is one of the most effective, and humane, methods of house training

any dog.

Third, a dog kennel gives a dog owner a sense of relief knowing that while gone, the bored dog won't fill its time

destroying the rest of the house or the yard. In addition, if you plan to travel with your pet companion, a kennel

is an absolute necessity.

The last real consideration is whether you want a kennel designed for outdoors or indoors. Both types are readily

available. Inside kennels are fairly basic. They're rectangular in shape and usually made with wire or plastic and

they'll have a secure locking mechanism.

Outdoor models range from basic to luxurious, literally, and you'll find wide a range in price. Like anything, the

more features the dog kennel has, the more it will cost. If you plan on keeping dogs for years to come, you're

better off spending a bit more on a well-constructed dog kennel that will last long and that will accommodate your

dog's changing needs.

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